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I guess it is up to me.

By Editor Barry Murray

But at 73-years of age — which I find hard to believe— somehow I have become a “colorful crank-a-dank” representing the almost extinct “Independent American placer miner.”  The news of the day spin from my E-mail box is that in “Canadian Interests of 43-101 validation,” my 57 years of experience in the field somehow does not qualify me as a prospector/presenter. Perhaps this is because I talk about the truth of old-fashioned grubstake investing in prospecting the ground, instead of spammed press releases, too much.

* [Reference “Kinsley Mountain Gold” vs.: Free Traded American TSX Investors who unfairly do not benefit from Canadian flow through tax benefits.]   

I am so sorry that this old-timer is so used to boring telling long-winded tales that begin. “Back in ’55, I was stiffed in my final paycheck by a Canadian mining company,” that I cannot begin to explain to OMG readers without a pipe to puff to pause for thinking between paragraphs, the under laying facts supporting my attitude that it would be a mistake for small-time investors to discount the “expertise” of small Oregon/Alaska placer miners for being Cheechkos. I too once was a greenhorn “Oregon Kid,” working illegally underground as a “minor miner,”  once upon a time.

My  “small minor miner” background —knowing of what I speak— references include:

1) Since 1955 I have had at least a dozen “final accounting problems” with Canadian stock companies. The latest being a TSX sanctioned BC “pump and dump” that cost me (and Internet investors)  $3.5 million that was not “spent underground, or even having his 43-101 people even stepping a foot upon the claims!” A Mr. No Way Way, [British financier CEO of CAF] that in his best business sense when silver was only $12 per LME spot price, decided African placer “blood diamonds” were a better risk than following up a “Questionable” U.S. Geological Survey Bulletins documenting 300 oz of hard rock silver  ( I also a grateful to British Columbia “independent council” securities lawyers for showing us all how to deal with Alaska mining law in a BC arbitration “court” by waving arms, snapping fingers, to proclaim that Alaskan assessment work clauses in joint venture contracts have been taken care of by simply ignoring the validity of actually filing the required documents.

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