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NEW!! IDAHO GOLD and RARE EARTHS - The Miller Mountain Mess

NEW!! PANAMA GOLD ...An Expedition

EDITORIAL: An Andy Rooney style essay, by Barry Murray
The Truth About “Supply Side” Gold Mining, versus the “Sell Side” of Financial Mining!

An old timer prospector gives advice to those looking to go gold procpecting in Alaska.

What You Need To Know About Gold Mining Claims.
An article of the how to and the history of staking your gold mining claims. Including understanding of the Mining Law of 1872. From our sister publication

Golden Opportunity Lost:
A true "believe it or not" story.

Build Yourself A Working Placer Mining Rocker:
A how-to article and building plans for a much used piece of mining equipment for the boot strap miner.

Finding Gold From The Air—Alaskan Bush Pilot Or Prospector?
A true and humorous story of some famous, historic Alaska bush pilots gaining an experienced eye for spotting gold pathfinders from the air. Published by sister publication an e-magazine for Alaska prospectors, miners, and mining investors looking for Alaska mineral investment opportunities.

Golden Opportunities:
The opportunity of a lifetime awaits those who dare. This article, telling how to obtain it is published by which contains stories of interest to investors and mine developers.

How To Stake A Mining Claim:
Want to stake your own gold mining claim? This article published on our will tell you how to do that. The ability to stake a mineral claim on public lands according to the Mining Law of 1872 is the last, great public land law left on the books. Better hurray while you can still do this!

How To Patent A Mining Claim From The BLM's Point Of View:
One of the how-to articles from our sister publication containing mineral prospects and mining claims of interest to investors and mine developers.

How To Patent A Mining Claim White Paper, From The Lawyers View  
A White paper by famous Northwest mining attorney William B. Murray, published on where the best mining prospects are shown with virtual video tours. This paper tells the ins and outs of having your mining claims patented.

How To Patent A Mining Claim White Paper, The Lawyers View PDF Printable Files:
Supplied for you by, a directory of mining claims offered for sale, stock trade, lease, joint venture, by independent prospectors.

Making It In Mining:
is how-to/commentary is linked here courtesy of sister publication an investments venture capital magazine with mining and up and coming inventions, etc. that are ripe for the picking.

It Is Time Again...But Where Are The Juniors? :  
A commentary/tutorial on becoming a Junior Investment Company and "prove-up" a prospective mineral claim for adventure and wealth. Published on our oldest mining publication


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