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Gold Mining Network is a part of, and was launched to support the listing of available properties through

Our major problems in the past ten years have been:

1) Spam gold mining press releases of companies listed on the Canadian TSX exchange clogging e-Mail inbox, and New York, and London’s monopoly over raising money to actually mine the banks of Gold Run Creek, instead of herding sheep into being flocked, which has given our industry a bad name.

2) We have not been able to keep, through rapid turnover, a database of smaller, affordable, gold properties available on the Internet.

So, even though SEC regulations keep us from competing with the well established powerhouse financial press, let us suggest that just about any one of the “prospects” we list should have an “Investor Relations” button of DotCom failure fame. In other words, they cannot advertise for “insider investors,” but as they know their mining costs, you legally can ask them for a “transparent opinion,” of what spot-price of gold should be.

At the very least you should be advised it is preferable to by stock direct from a big-board, or Blue Sky company, than going through financial advisors or stock brokers or hedge fund platform traders, that do not know a mine from a hole in the ground.


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