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The Accountant’s story that hooked me to sign on for a vague promise of a 10 percent position as an ‘expert’ driver/ prospector, related back to a portfolio of 1920’s reports presented for financing by an English mining company that had spent a lot of money developing a bucket dredgeable gold property. That subsequently had been lost to some —so the story went— highly placed Panamanian government officials.

Panama Gold PhotoThe ‘English’ had even brought in an old time ‘Alaskan’ prospector who had been on the Klondike Stampede, to do a survey. I had never heard of what he described as a “hydraulic lifter” that should be used to clean out “The Goat Pool,” in the Darien jungle. Apparently a wooden box used the Venturi Principle to create a suction by water flow, just the same as a floating California gas powered dredge.  He seemed to have a fascination with a “glory hole” that a mechanical Fairbanks style floating bucket dredge would not be able to work. The Alaskan had also bought into a local story of pre-columbian gold artifacts ending up at the bottom of the pool — make up your own version of how this happened. You also may want to find a downloadable copy of the Indiana Jones background music, as … no, on second thought, don’t hit play just yet.

My fascination was that twenty miles of jungle river had been proven-up by churn drilling to 30-feet, or more, referencing a map that supposedly listed the strata.  Furthermore the reports listing the spot price of the time of  $20 gold values per yard, in a total almost hard to believe.

The main problem was that all three of the professional reports were purposely vague where the river ran. And, of course the “X” marks the spot maps were missing. Even worse  residents were Choco´ Indians, related to the deep forest dwellers of the upper Amazon — known for a lifestyle of only spending seven years in a village, that perhaps had a Spanish place name sounding somewhat like what the locals knew.  The cycle was slash down trees, burn the brush to clear the land, and when the soil was depleted, move on to yet-another same geographical sounding place.

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